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Remember the days when men opened doors, helped women with their chairs and putting their coats on? Being courteous, polite and respectful – those days have not vanished.

Ultra Classic Services is predicated on a man whose conduct conforms to this high standard of priority and correct behavior and one that treats other people in a polite and proper way.

Experienced In Many Things.....

Food Preparation & Cooking
Long Walks On The Beach, Dancing, Nightlife & More
Events, Networking & Corporate Gatherings
Friend, Companion & Whatever You Need

Chivalry Is Not Forgotten

“If you are looking for a man of calm demeanor, strong, preserve and intellectual thinking, polite yet meaningful speak and a good upbringing, then this is the service for you.

If you are shrewd, clever, astute, intelligent, sharp, selective, sophisticated, tastefull, sensitive, perceptive and a wise woman, then this is the service for you.

In conclusion, everyone needs a friend somehow, somewhere, sometime.  It is just a matter of when the two axis of time cross that determines the situation at hand”

Meet Larry

Friend / Companion / Assistant
Larry Ultra classic Services

Why Choose Me?

I Am A Gentleman First

I am here to serve you and to take care of all of your requests and needs.

I am Polite & Respectful

You can only expect nothing but the best from me.  From the moment my service starts until it ends, I am committed to you.

I Am Experienced & Knowledgable

Being a service provider for the past 30 plus years, there isn’t anything I haven’t come across or can not do.  You ask and I get it done.

Safe, Discreet & Reliable

You can rest assured you are in safe hands.  I can pass all background checks with flying colors.

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